Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little Cones

I have made two ceramic pieces with hopes to make more. They are original made from a drawing which was inspired by one of my photographs. They were made with a slip cast of a paper cone, the liquid ceramic is poured into the cast, left to dry then poured out again. You are then left with a fine hollow ceramic cone. After the second firing the decal is added then it is fired again. I had two holes drilled in the top of each one, this is so you can hear the sound piece which is projected from a small speaker inside them. The sound piece is my own from a project my mum and I did a few years ago and can be heard below.I need to research better speakers, right now I have one on loan and the sound is very poor, crackly and tinny.
A special thank you to Kieran Whitelaw my first year tutor and college ceramics tutor who kindly helped me make these!

The two pieces in the kiln ready for their last fire.
This figure is supposed to look like she is immersed in fur/hair.

This is the first figure she is meant to be emerged in leaves.

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