Friday, February 11, 2011

Here piggy piggy

I started print at the beginning of the week. And i have to say i am really enjoying it. The project is about space, shape, etc and how we use it. So we can basically use any subject matter we like. I've been using some of my project from last semester, but I am also using some personal work that I do at home.
The one on the left is number five of four that I have done. This one is the most successful.
Its done with dry point and mono print. The black is the etching, done by scratching out your picture with a pointed object (scribe) on a bit of acetate. The mono is done first then the etching is printed on top of it. I have to say I am really enjoying it. Its just a shame the white spirits and such set off my head!

The quote on the print was cut out of a magazine. Someone was being interviewed or something not sure off the top of my head. It says;

When Luck Comes You Have to Be Ready to Really Eat It,
And Chew Those Bones, Even Eat The Bones.

The first print, just the etching no colour added with the mono.

The Original Sketch

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