Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sculpture/Combined-media - Pin-hole Cameras

"Photograph:  a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art."
-Ambrose Bierce


For the past two weeks, (two weeks this Friday.) I have been in Sculpture/combined Media. This is the first of my three disciplines that I will be doing for the next six weeks. Two weeks per discipline.
Our project for sculpture was based on the five sense's or the five vital singes. We did some brainstorming of each of these ten words, and then picked a verb out of the selection of words that branched off from the main topic. I focused on the word sight, but also the verbs, to blur, to blind, to watch, and so forth I haven't really settled on a particular one.  My tutor Mr. Cannon suggested I look at the artist, Miroslav Tichy, since I was interested in photography. Tischy make his own pinhole cameras. I'll add more information about him in another post.
I really liked his work and his cameras. I thought it would be a very interesting idea. So that's what my project came to be about. Making my own pinhole cameras out of whatever I can find, and seeing what happens!
Its very interesting, and is something I would possibly like to continue with after this project, its just very hard to find information on them, such as shutter speeds and such. But it is really all just trial and error I sapose.

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