Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Large Cardboard Box Pin-hole Camera on Stand

"One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photo out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photo out of focus are a style."
  -Author Unknown

Amazingly this bad boy got a great review from my tutor. It might also be the most successful camera I've made so far.
Its made of two cardboard boxes one slightly smaller than the other so the small one can be inserted into the big one, both of them have had there insides painted black. A hole was cut out of the bottom of the big one then covered in tinfoil, so I could create the pinhole. then I made a shutter out of a cereal box. Its light proofed with black tape. The lads downstairs made the tripod for me, since because of Health and Safety, I am unable to do these things myself in case I cut my fingers off.
They wanted to attach a regular tripod to it, but luckily they were unable to do this as I wanted something as rough and ugly as the box.
The picture I took with this camera is of a bathtub sitting in a field. Its the only photo were I can happily say whats going on in it, because you can see it for yourselves!
If you saw the original image you would notice that the tub is actually reversed. its a complete mirror image of what I originally took. Odd really.

Bathtub Photo.
Exposure time of 4 seconds.

The Camera in the Making

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