Thursday, October 4, 2012

3rd Year Statement of Intent

 This is one post to late, but I thought I'd post my statement of intent for my 3rd year project.
Its just a basic outline of what our project is about and what we intend to do.
I am always terrible at writing this things, my ability to bullshit and use big arty-farty words can only go so far when it comes to talking about my work.

  The In-between; The Illuminism of Lucid Madness

The title of my proposal was taken from text used to describe the artist Leanora Carrignton (Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art) and her work.  The statement is a contradiction of itself in some ways, but I feel this statement encompasses my own work.
                For my project I want to work with my dreams.  I don’t want to illustrate them, but would like to write them as I remember them, creating short narratives or stories.
My work this year will be mostly text based.
The text will be sewn into fabric from old bed-sheets. I want to keep the finish product small and simple.
I am using sewing as sewing is very personal, you are a lot more engaged with your finished piece than just printing it onto a piece of paper. In sewing your stitch is very individual, the same with your dreams and memories which are very individual and personal to you.
    When I look at a rug I have that my grandmother made but never finished, you can really see the difference with her stitch and my stitch were I have continued her work. Hers is tight and neat, very small, where mine is loser and a bit larger.
Its the same with artists such as Tracey Emin and Louise Bourgeois. They might not make their own stitched pieces, Tracey because it would take to much time to complete one piece on her own, or Louise who in her later years was to arthritic to stitch, but they show their assistants exactly how they stitch and the assistants has to create the piece exactly how they would if they were doing it themselves. Tracey discusses this alot when she talks about her own work.
I would like to accompany the sewn text with photos, again small. The photos will be snapshots, almost as if they have been taken from memory.

I'm not sure how much I will work on the last part below. Writing out the dreams is technically automatic writing as I am taking my text directly from my subconscious.
Since there are recurring themes in my dream, ie. dogs, the ocean est, I will group the dreams in to series. But this is all a work in progress, alot will be added and changed.
I am also interested in using thoughts and small blurbs from memory and presenting the text in the same manner as above, most likely without photos, in a sense I will be doing automatic writing, unattended thoughts straight from my subconscious, the in-between times.
Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer states to be produced from a subconscious, and/or external and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content.’
I would also on the side like to work on my drawing and etching skills. This work probably won’t connect directly with my main project, but they are skills that I would like to keep up and progress on. The drawings will be based on ideas from my subconscious, sprouted from memory and dream.

Hopefully this is somewhat clear. Its just an outline, it wont really be realized until I start making work. Nothing is set in stone.


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