Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two More..

I've completed two more stitched pieces. The first one I have posted I will re-do as it is just to messy. The pink one is done on an old pillow case that I had when I was very small. I screen printed the text onto it. I think I will screen print my text onto the fabric instead of using the transfer gel. Its alot less messier and is almost quicker.
I am starting to question the presentation of these pieces. I like how you have to get really close to them to read the text, it makes it alot more intimate, but I wonder if the frames are to big and maybe need to be half the size.......
I like how the frames are wide though as I think I may place little objects on top of them.
I think when I have my photos sorted as well it might look alot better. I am also contemplating making dream catchers but that may be a bit to 'crafty.' We shall see.......

This is all one dream but told as if it is three different stories. It jumps around the way dreams do, from one frame to the next.

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