Monday, October 22, 2012

A photo a day

So it was suggested that I take a picture of my bed every morning when I wake up. I think this idea could work really well. I only started last week so I dont have a lot to work with, I'm just trying to do mock ups for my progressive reviews even though the idea at this stage isent really effective.
I've been doing this in two formats, One is a close up of my bed the other is zoomed out showing more of my bed and who ever is on it at that given time.
I plan to do loads of them and either have them mounted individually, or all on one page making a grid or series of photos.

Each one is the same but slightly different, the above images have been taken over the past four days.
I like the idea of them being passport size. I have a series of old passport size photos of my great grandfather they are all slightly different, almost like stills from a film rather than photographs, ( I will post them on a later date.) I really like the imagery of the photos, how thew flow into each other. There was also an image I found in a magazine that I have given to a friend which visually was along the same idea. Unfortunetly I have to do this through photoshop, which for me is an almighty challenege. I can never get the damn thing to do what I want!
A wider shot of the bed. (22-0ctober-2012)

A close up shot of the bed. (21-Oct-12)
This might be more interesting visually....i wont know till I have more of them..

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