Monday, October 22, 2012

Jane Gifford

So I just happened to come across this artist while flicking through the book Dream Machines, Lucky Me!

Jane Gifford has been recording her dreams and making works exploring dream language and narrative, the cumulative process of dreaming and notions of the diary, through drawing, painting, printmaking, installation and video.
Her website is really worth a look at, I really like her dream journal. A little illustration accompanied by a short paragraph.

'Dream Journal, November 2004'
'Dogs in Boots'

'Dream Home'
The perfect home for dreaming - a standard garden shed, painted a
'dream-like' lilac, furnished with a bed and papered with facsimile pages from the Dream Drawings notebooks.

'Dream Paintings 2001'
A series of small, narrative, (monochrome except for remembered colour)
paintings of key dream moments.

156 paintings, 3 for every week of the year.

(The way the above works are presented is similar to how I would like to present my bed photography.)

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