Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marina Abramovic

Loved the idea behind these works. I dread to think how much they cost to make, but I would most certainly love to try the shoes. The paragraph below was directly taken for a book I am looking at called 'Dream Machines.' Its an exhibition of work by different artists, selected by Susan Hiller which focuses on dreams and altered states of consciousness.

Marina Abramovic's crystal Shoes for Departure offer to transport the viewer into an altered state of consciousness. With the artist's written instructions functioning almost as a hypnotic suggestion, the shoes provide the means to enter a space of trance and contemplation:
"With naked feet enter the shoes. Eyes closed. Motionless. Depart. Duration:limitless
Material: amethyst"
The artist's mineral pillows encourage a similar journey into the unconscious, as viewers are invited by the artist to rest their heads on them and experience the mind-altering properties of the crystal supports: 'Smoked quartz, works on the subconscious going deep into the past of memory to balance the conscious mind'; 'Sodalite, amplifies dreams.' The works create their meaning in their interaction with the feelings and imaginations of an audience, and in the re-enacting by that audience of state of mind suggested by the artist.
-'Dream Machines', selected by Susan Hiller

Untitled (Smoked Quartz pillow)

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