Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Found Object

Walking out and about I found these two vessels. One is an old jam jar and the other is an old light bulb that was in a old burn pile, so it is slightly warped and broken.
I don't know if this counts as art, but the idea is that something beautiful can grow out of something ugly (I cant think of a more appropriate word..).
The idea spurred from a quote from a song by The Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Destruction Breeds Creation."
I planted bulbs in each vessel. The jar has two daffodil bulbs and I think the third is a hyacinth bulb, I dug them out of the garden so I am not sure about the third.
The light bulb has two daffodil's in it. I know I have planted to many bulbs in each, there really should only be one in each. I want them to fill the opening of the vessels. Bursting out of the opening, racing to be the first to reach the sunlight.
It relates to the idea of nature in the city. The natural world is taking the city back.

The bulbs have grown since they were planted a few days ago. I would like them to be flowering by the end of this project, so i am going to try and force them by keeping them warm and in the sunshine. It would be alot easier if I had a green house. The only worry is that they will rot because they have been over watered.

If this goes well Ill try another one but instead of just the bulbs ill add rubbish, banana skins, paper etc. stuff that's bio-degradable, worms and earth.
The worms will break down the rubbish, turning it back into healthy soil, aerate the soil and allow the bulbs to grow better.
We will see what happens...

'The all important notion of the found object -
The trouvaille or objet trouvé - hinges on that which one comes across by chance. You find something in the outer world, which responds to a question in the inner world that you had not consciously asked.' -Breton, 'Surrealism' -Edited by Mary Ann Cous

Hopefully it will all go well, I'll keep you updated and let you know the plants progress.

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