Thursday, November 18, 2010

La La...

I received my feedback the other day, I was very pleased with it and pleasantly surprised. Its good to know when one is going in the right direction, even though the direction I'm going in seems to be down the road to never never land...
But that works for me, because in the long run, I'm not here to please others (tutors, fellow students, etc.), I'm here for me.
I'm very appreciative that I have enthusiastic tutors that get what I'm trying to do, that is worth everything.
Hopefully I can keep going the way I'm going and not falter.

I know some are finding it hard but I really enjoy the lack of structure, I love the freedom. Although I still would have enjoyed last years layout of being able to try out everything.

I've started posting music a bit more now that I have figured out how to do it via YouTube. It took way to long to do it myself via windows movie maker. As I've said before music to me is an important part of my creative process. I always listen to it when I work and find it hard to work without it. It triggers something in my mind that helps ideas flow onto paper, or just gives me ideas in general. It also stops me from getting distracted by what else is going on around me, even if it is just silence. If I could put audio in my sketchbook I would, but I cant so that's why I'm taking advantage of this blog! Hope it all makes sense..

I went into town the other day to buy gouache and was astonished to find that no one is selling it anymore. Apparently it is a dying medium. I feel like a film photographer who's trade is being pushed out the door by the digital era. So I now have to order it from London. (By the way check out this web-site well wort the time So if anyone has any gouache that they no longer need or use, send it my way!

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