Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Light Pollution

Staring out my kitchen window at night I can see a brilliant pink light glowing behind our sheds. I haven't figured out were the light is coming from and I know its not Limerick because its in the wrong direction. It cant be Kildimo because I don't think a petrol station and a few houses can cause that much light.
I tried to take pictures of it but was unsuccessful. In the picture on the left you can just see the light. The two picture below were other unsuccessful attempts, but I liked how they came out.
Its weird how the light pollution creates a false sunset making you wonder what time it really is.  

The moon and the stars are suffocating. There light is snuffed out by a false sun.

The Moon is drowning while I sleep,
While the sun slits her wrists,
Her blood flowing into the sea....

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