Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Poem

Just a poem that I found in a book in the Library. Its just one of those things that one can relate to when I'm working. Plus its something a bit different..

Its almost like a pinprick;
it's like the pupils in someone's eyes.
If you really stare into them,
you go beyond their head,
into the universe.
There's a little bit of space
that's behind your brain.
When I'm playing and my eyes roll
into the back of my head,
I'm trying to get to the back of my mind,
because that is where I daydream.
I can see images
and I don't really have any control.
I'm trying to get close to that experience
when I'm up there on stage
---this thread that were all
joined to through our eyes.
People talk about auras and things like that,
but I guess I'm just trying to be
almost without a body,
or without a mind,
to get to that one note and let it just live.
I like to find something in the song
that makes me feel safe or free or relaxed.
I try so hard to hold onto that moment.

-Chan Marshall (Cat Power)

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