Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Naked Hare

Again I did a bunch of these illustrative type drawings. Trying to relate animal, man and the city. I was inspired by photos from the book 'The Body.'
I really like how the came out. I went back again and did them up in A5 on watercolour paper. A friend of mine said I should make a little book. I really like the idea but I am afraid that if I do that The tutors will want me to do graphics. Which is fine, but I would like to go towards more the fine art are. I know alot of people are worried that there project is going to effect what they do in the next 3 year, so at least I'm not alone in that one. Hopefully I'm wrong and it doesn't effect anything, we will have to see.
Anyways, I really like the drawing above, so I managed to get a hold of a board which is 48x48 inches. I would like to do the above drawing in a wash-off or gauche relief, so it becomes darker and moodier. I covered it in gesso so hopefully that will cause enough texture and soakage that it will work properly, we will have to see, its my project this weekend.

"Even a Hare will bite when concerned." - Chinese proverb

Above is the postcard sized one that I did on watercolour paper. I really like how it turned out even if it is very 'illustratey.' I like how even though the image is bright and sunny it is actually alot darker. Putting a darker idea across.
Here are just a few notes on the subjects and symbolism in the picture. Just a few things that I wrote out of my head..
Hare = fertility - mother - moon
Woman= nature - mother - fertility- femme fatale
Nakedness = exposure - innocence - truth - vulnerability

Her hand is making the symbol for protection against the evil eye. I read it in a book on magic and such somewhere ages ago.
"Nature will come through the claws, and the hound will follow the hare."- William Shakespeare

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