Monday, November 22, 2010

It Worked!!

Finished product
It Actually worked! My wash-off on the large board idea, was successful!
I photographed the stages and posted them below, the image on the left is the final stage.
First I applied a good few layers of gesso, so the gouache would have something to hold onto, after the gouache I applied the ink. Then washed it off with a hose. The board is 48X48 inches. I don't think I will do anymore to it, hopefully my tutors will like it..

"The wonder of the world, the beauty and the power,
the shapes of things, their colours, lights and shades; these i saw.
Look ye also while life lasts. "

First Stage- Charcoal out-line is drawn

Painting on the gouache

Figure painted in gouache

Second Stage- Painted Entirely with gouache

Close-up of head

Half way there
Step three- Board is completely covered in ink

Final Stage- Washed it off with a hose, then left to dry

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