Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chris Killip

I came across Chris Killip a good while ago via the Sunday Times magazine. Unfortunately I cut out the images and never wrote down his name. So I have been forever searching for the source of those images I cut out and placed in my sketchbook.
Thankfully his work was yet again featured in the Sunday Times magazine, so I was able to track him down. His work focuses on life across the UK and his home on the Isle of Man. His imagery is impressive. His photographs tell such stories, they make you wish you were there, and that you could know more about his subjects and their lives.
I think he is a very important artist to look at and study for any young photographer/artist. Another artist who's books I will be adding to my long wish list!
The photographs below are from his two major series, (in no particular order), 'Seacoal' and 'In Flagrante'

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