Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Theron Humphrey and Maddie The Coonhound

Maddie and Theron
I posted about Maddie a good while ago, but she makes me smile so much that I have to post about her again. I really enjoy the regular posts on tumblr by Maddie's person, Theron Humphrey, a successful photographer in his own right. Theron adopted Maddie from his local shelter. He was looking for a companion to take on the road with him while he worked on his photography project, This Wild Idea.  It was during his travels he discovered Maddie's unusual talent for balancing on things and staying were she is placed. This balancing act turned into a photography project in its own right and is still continuing, with Theron and Maddie currently touring the United States, taking photos and promoting their book, Maddie on Things: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics.
If you ever need a smile check out their blog, there is as of now 53 pages of fun!

-Of course this little one, Bree reminds me of Maddie, she doesn't stand on things but when placed on her back, she will stay there cradled in my arms until I reluctantly have to put her down! Also my little Lola is a mini Maddie. They both have that same mellow personality that radiates off of Maddie, and as lovely a smile.

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