Monday, September 10, 2012

Analogue Love

While in America this summer I was lucky enough to gain three analogue cameras. Two of them, the box camera and the Kodak brownie, I found in a really dingy thrift shop for 10 quid. I am having trouble with the folding camera as I cant get the bellows to pull out properly, but I will get that sorted. The Brownie is in good nick, and is really just a pinhole camera. I have started to take pictures with it using 120mm film and cant wait to see how they turn out. I have taped the edges though to avoid and serious light leaks.
Of course the third is the classic Diana camera. The Diana F+ to be exact. A replica of the original 1960's toy camera. I have taken several roles of film with this but haven't had them printed yet. This week I hope. I just have to find the developer in town.
Its a very interesting little camera, and can do an awful lot for what it is.Its all about experimentation. That's what I love about film cameras, is you have to wait for your photos its not instant. They make you think about what you are looking at, and in a way the photos are almost better. Its all down to chance and luck.
I will post photos for the individual cameras as soon as I can!

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