Friday, September 14, 2012


A new sketchbook.
How over whelming.

I want to be more relaxed about my work this year, I want to just draw and not worry to much about how 'realistic' it looks. I spend to much time on one drawing or on half ideas that end up going nowhere.
I've spent the last two days trying to over come the fear and loathing I have with blank pages and drawing, with no success.

Of course there are distractions everywhere, including on the chair right behind me!


  1. I have the same problem with diaries. So much pressure. Dear Diary: today, I had cheerios for breakfast and a tuna sandwich for lunch... (ACK. I've only filled 1.5 lines AND I sound like a food-obsessed, yet dreadfully uninspired DOLT.) I really want to be Laura Ingalls Wilder when I grow up so the pressure to 1) use neat handwriting; 2) fill pages at all, much less to fill pages with meaningful insights about the period of history/time in which I am living is considerable. I feel your pain. I decided to write to someone else. (Friend, future children etc). That way, I force myself to balance my observations of important events (eg those following 9-11) and my reports of biting into my lunch burrito only to come up with a mouthful of gravel. I pretend my future wide readership will want to read about both. I don't know if you can draw for a pretend audience, but I do know you can fill pages of sketches of what you had for lunch. And your friends/grandkids whoever, will be pleased to have that piece of you.

  2. I bet Tracey Emin doesn't fret over her drawings being (or rather not being) realistic ... I love your drawing Emily and I'm saaaad you worry about it. I can't draw for shit and I hardly ever worry - except when I look at yours and Hazel's sketchbooks.