Wednesday, September 12, 2012

John Simpson

This is one of those artists that throw me a bit. It just shows the cross over of ideas that are similar to my own, and to what I would aspire to do. How annoying. I love his work, I wish it was mine!

'Drawing has always been the most important element in John Simpson's work, which relates to the graphic tradition of artists like Edvard Munch and Odilon Redon. His work references the world of folk tale and myth, exploring the relationship between the human figure and animal forms. Often introducing contemporary elements to these classical subjects, John Simpson's imagery seems caught somewhere between childhood imagination and adult reasoning. His ability to capture the physical an psychological nature of these creatures can both disquiet and enchant in equal measure.'

Dear Children, 2008: Monotype. Size unframed 100cm x 100cm


                                                                                                        Actaeon with Hounds, 2008: Monotype. Size unframed 100cm x 150cm

Actaeon with Hounds, 2008: Monotype. Size unframed 100cm x 150cm

Wonderland III 2007: Original Lambda print - edition of 10, 120cm x 89cm

Ursula, 2009: Monotype with Charcoal, 100cm x 100cm

Actaeon, 2008: Original Silkscreen print. Edition of 60, numbered and signed by the artist. 
Size unframed 84cm x 114cm
Encounter with Omega 2010: Seigraph (Original Screenprint), Edition of 60. 84cm x 80cm

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