Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sara Jiminez

Another artist who's work I really enjoyed from the show, Next Great Artist was Sara Jimenez. She was in the final of the show, but unfortunately came in last. I really enjoyed her drawings, they are very free and relaxed.

Artists Statment

'My work begins with the personal and extends to my surroundings. The work I create is not medium specific or limited by material. The project dictates the form that the pieces take, whether it be performance, drawing, painting, installation, video, or a combination. Most of my work is through the lens of psychological portraiture. I see the body as a vessel for expressing the unconscious. My work began as primarily self-referential, based on the feminist theory that the personal is political. I still hold on to this foundation. However, I have become more interested in my narrative and body in relation to others, from strangers to family members. I am interested in creating poetic and metaphorical form around mundane, common, day to day relationships between the self and others, and overlapping the social protocol of private and public gestures.'


'Two Headed Dog'


Circus Hunt



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