Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Kymia Nawabi

I came across the artist Kymia Nawabi while watching the American reality show Next Great Artist on the arts channel. She was the winner at the end of the series. Her winning exhibition was filled with amazingly large, detailed and highly skilled drawings, as well as a few sculptures.
Her work reminds me alot of Kiki Smith.
I am in awe of her. I adore her piece, titled, 'The Bridge.'
Her work is definitely worth looking at, unfortunately she is not published, which is a shame as a book would do her work such better justice than a computer screen.
Unfortunately her web-site isn't  laid out very well, so you have to search for her older work. Luckily for you I have the link right here.
I would recommend looking at the sight as she shows detail of her work, as unfortunately I can not get copies off of the web-site.

Kymia Nawabi describes her work as an “allegory of human behavior” which weaves a fantastical personal mythology together with “adopted gods, mythological creatures and burial ceremonies from different cultures.”

 Next Great Artist is a very interesting show. At first I wasn't sure about how they turn art into a competition, but in reality the art world is a competition. A competition to be remembered and to go into the history books. Its something we are reminded of in college all the time. It is a competition to survive.
It is amazing what the artists are pushed to do in less than twenty-four hours. To create a successful piece in that short amount of time is asking alot, and is frankly amazing.


'The Bridge'

'The Soul Purpose.'

'Not for long my forlorn'

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