Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Third Year

I started my third year of art college yesterday. This should be interesting. I did nothing over the summer, and frankly I feel better for it. After last year I really needed some time off to refresh. Hopefully this approach will be successful.
I will probably be continuing with the dream aspect of my project which I worked on last year.
I want to be freer and more relaxed with my work, and not be so worried about how it goes down on paper.
I want to enjoy what I am doing. We have been moved up to the second floor, which is a strange view on the world.
A bright sunny room an a bit larger than last years, unfortunately it is a bit far from the print studio, and we will probably have to fight our way through the wave of two hundred some first years, but we shall manage.
I was a bit late on choosing my desk So I am right in front of the door, but at least it makes escape easy and quick, plus it is a corner all to myself and I am not squished with someone else.
So wish me luck, and I will keep you updated!

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