Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beneath the Rubble

Messing about with photos I took of places were you wouldn't expect to find such life.
If you could see how built up the area around them was then you would have more of an idea.
It was just so odd, they looked completely out of place.

Scribblings from sketchbook..

Aladdin's Cave, A temple, A light at the end of the tunnel, a window of opportunity.
Beneath the rubble and filth there is always hope.

I walked out from amongst the shadows, and there in the light, the glorious light!
I saw hope.
A green heaven. A utopia.
A memory of the past,
Breaking forth through this concrete mind,
Reaching through
 the pavement cracks,
Embracing me.
Whispering to me;
'You are home...'

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