Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Do you believe in what you see?....

"Not to mention mythic creatures in the rubble."
                                                   -Wendy Cape, 'A policeman's lot'

Inspired by Charles De Lints stories. The idea of such spirits as raven and coyote wandering among us crossing back and forth from our world to theirs.
I think we are so used to what we are supposed to see that we ignore what is really there. Our mind just cant except it as the norm so it blocks it out. As children we are more open more aware and seeing what adults don't is easier. As we grow older our minds close and become less loose.
Surreal artists are more open and more aware of whats around them consciously and subconsciously. They express this through there spur of the moment painting and writing. Inspired by dreams and subconscious thought.

"To shake off the fetters of the rational in the thinking individual permitting the imagination to take its free course." -extract from the book 'Surrealism' -edited by Mary Ann Caws

Scribblings from sketchbook......

Rising above the noise and pollution, the chaos of this secluded world. If only to breath the clean air for only a moment..

The image i drew on the left reminds me of the great forest spirit (right image) from the film Princess Mononke.

I was looking for images of people with animal heads and came up with the Photographer L. Bates Jaffe's. I liked his images of children with animal masks.
I also like the image below right.

"We stand always on the edge of wonder...and need only to be pointed n the right direction to see it." -Robert J. Howe

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