Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Claustrophobia wash-off

I did not add biro in this image. I think the image alone gets the idea across.
I took it further by reproducing this image as a wash-off. I like how the style of the wash-off creates a dark mood. 

"Step inside my head and I shall show you madness.."

Creating the wash-off

Started With Pencil Drawing on heavy watercolour paper

Stage one finished. Painted with gouache, areas that I want black are left unpainted

Picture is covered with an even coat of black water-proof ink,
and then left to dry.

Picture after it has been covered with ink. You can see the gouache coming through the ink. When ink is completely dry, I submerged it in water, using q-tips to slowly lift off the ink from the areas that was painted with gouache.

The Final Product. The Ink has filled in were it wasn't painted with gouache, the lines of the drawing and the larger dark areas. The gouache has stained the paper and the colour has been washed out.

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