Thursday, October 14, 2010

Waifs and Strays

If im lucky when i travel to or through Limerick city very early I will sometimes spot a fox crossing the road. Especially on the way to shannon or on the Limerick, Cork road heading past Croom.

They have had to learn to adapt to the ways of the city and the urban sprawl, especially as their natural environment is slowly being destroyed and their rescources are running out.

Again i was inspired by the stories of Charles De Lint.
I wanted to portray the fox as a lost child wandering the streets. It reminded me of certain areas in south america and other countries were the poverty level is very high. The streets are full with runaways and orphans fighting for survival,..

"Not all who wander want to be found..." -Old saying

I did someome quick sketche's of a fox from memory.
They are always gone so quickly before I can take a photo of them.... The little city spirits .
The bough did bend,
The bough did break,
I saw the hole the fox did make,
He swore to love,
He swore to merry,
I saw the blade the fox did carry
-Neil Gaimen?
Scribblings from sketchbook..

I stalk the city streets at night,
An old spirit in a new world.
Lost in this concrete forest.
I listen to the wispering stories of my ancestors,
They speak of a palce that is no longer home..

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