Wednesday, October 20, 2010


"Every hour wounds. The last one kills."
-Old Saying

Going back to the ghosts and spirits of the city idea.
I was looking at urbanization and how the city is always growing.
If you look closely there are buildings in the grass around the person.
It sounds silly but I think it would be interesting to study grass a bit more looking at it closely so I can interpret the building's more easily in the grass.
The woman is 'Mother' or 'Nature.'
She is in despair because the city has sprout up over night. (Everyday I come back into the city I can see how it has changes or grown, Cranes sprouting up like weeds etc.)
Her hair is made of the night.
The picture is currently in twilight. The half light. The time between sunset and sunrise were magic and the supernatural are at its strongest.
The grass is the growing city.

"And when the power goes off for good,
Then I will play it in my head until I die."
-Neil Gaimen

I redid the image just to try something different. I think I prefer the first image.

"The Grass wont stop growing."

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