Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Fairy Book World

I went out walking a little while ago, just for a break. I also just wanted to see what was around and have myself a bit of a on-sight drawing session.
I ended up in the small church yard just down the road, I think the church is a dance studio now....
It was really lovely in there, but as always I found it hard to draw the buildings and the grave sights, the man made objects. I just don't find them that interesting, there not very inspiring, to look at, they themselves are to literal.
To me whats interesting are the stories and the stuff that is happening around the man made object. Whats going on beyond the building.
Anyway I managed to do a couple of drawings, with pen an watercolour, before I got flooded out by the rain.
The picture on the left was inspired by a drawing(below) I did of a traffic cone, that just happened to be sitting there. I just liked how it was right there, trying so hard to blend in but it wasn't working, it was broken and the natural environment behind it was fighting to take it over.

"They (fairytale's) make rivers run with wine only to make us remember for one wild moment, That they run with water..."
 -G.k. Chesterton, Orthodoxy
I started going back through my out door studies, hoping to get an idea and the above drawing was what I came up with. I was thinking of a fairytale witch in a modern day world. Or how a tribal medicine woman or witch doctor would seem in the city.
A 'Green/Cottage Witch' would immerse herself in her rural environment, working with the elements around her, a city witch would adapt to her urban environment, using what she finds around her as tools for her trade. (Pigeons, garbage, etc.)
Its confusing I know, its hard to explain. Its just one of those things that just happened and i went with the flow of it..
"Oh' How the magic flows through my bones,
Through my blood,
And out my nose."

A witch's hat, in fairy tale's is very important as it is the trade mark of her craft.
The cone is the city witch's hat. The pigeon is her 'familiar.' Where in traditional tales the familiar is a black cat, toad or crow.
The pigeons are the spies of the city.

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