Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Death of the Forest

"The death of the Forest is the end of our Life."

Really I was responding to the quote above, I not sure who it is by.
I guess I was also going back to the emotion of the city idea again as well.

I Started with a photo of myself then I drew it up using charcoal, willow and pastel in my sketch book (left). Not sure were I was going to go from there I did the same only on a sheet of A1.
The image below right is what I first started with.
I wanted to portray my feelings towards the constant building (urbanization) and the destruction of our natural resources and the land around us.
I talked to one of my tutors who said that it was to personal and wasn't really getting the message across to the viewer (Although this project is 'My view on the urban environment' so wouldn't it be personal? When it comes down to it, I'm doing this for me not for others. Sorry I'm rambling!)
I wasn't to happy with it myself anyways. It needed darkening and something else... So I had another go at it.

The image below is what I have come up with so far, tho I will probably go back and change a few things, shading and such.
I added the leaves coming out of her hand as she holds them tightly against her face. I placed the image of a city in her eyes.

She is in shock as she is watching the city growing and spreading like a virus. She is holding onto what is left of the natural world. The ghosts of the forest are wailing behind her.

"I am born of a thousand storms, and grey with rushing rains."
-L.D'O Walters

I took out the ghosts. I agree with my tutors and various classmates, that they were to much and a bit comical (Casper). I think I like it much better this way. It was to busy before and the ghost were distracting. Even though I covered them up you can still see them in the background if you really look. I rather like that. It makes you look twice.

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