Monday, October 11, 2010

The city and me

Here i did a quick self portrait. I was looking at how the city effects everyone differently, good or bad. I guess the main point would be the idea of all the emotional clutter we carry around with us everyday and how it effects us, weighing us down. How all that clutter gets inside you crawling under your skin. Sometimes the best thing is to leave it all behind you, its sort of what happens when you leave a place, you take what you want, memories and such, and you leave the rest behind.

"Oh, nieve little me, asking what things you have seen......." -Laura Marling
I seem to be doing a lot of writing as well as drawing, little ramblings that come to mind, or quotes and lyrics that i have heard. The hair idea pops up in this again..

What wonders and horrors the city must many stories...

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