Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Its what you dont see...

I was trying to single out colour's or objects in the photo.
It could be showing that sense of being lost in the crowd, or standing out.
Standing out or away from the dullness around us.
Trying to show the little things. the things we don't see or our eyes and minds just take for granted.

I wanted to portray the little things. How something small can survive in an environment that is not natural to them. How, out of all the destruction we as humans create, all the structures we build and then  forget about, the earth will still find a way to take it back.
Its the little wonders that manage to survive in the concrete Jungle. Its the same way a life form learns to survive in even the harshest of desserts. The city is a dessert.
Were there is a will there is a way.

"There are graves int he forest: in its moss, the bones of memory." -Wendelessen, 'Names'

We might be living here on earth but only as guests, it wouldn't take much for the earth to get rid of us. She would just have to shake us off her back the same way a dog shakes off a parasite.

In the photo on the left i just wanted to focus on the green, the life forms that are surviving in the dessert.
If this was all in black and white or just as it would look if you took a photo, would you notice the natural world as much as the unnatural?

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