Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A bit of photography..

"It came for me like a dragon down a dark tunnel." -Neil Gaiman

Scribblings from sketchbook:

I love how dark and intimidating this image is. It reminds me of hell. I can almost imagine the black smoke from hell's fire billowing out of the top.
It also reminds me of the  Holocaust, the large ovens and their chimney stacks that the Nazi's used to burn the bodies of the innocent.

When Hell comes to Earth.
Photo of ovens from a Nazi camp

"No people sing with such pure voices as those who live in deepest hell; What we take for the voices of angles is their song." -Franz Kafka

When the streets run red with blood........

I wanted to only show the colour red in this picture to symbolize evil and the fall of man.
No matter were you go it is always somewhere.

"She'll come and then we'll stalk this pretty world, alive to darkness and the tang of blood.." -unknown

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