Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just a glimpse through the letter box..

Picture taken of view through rubbish bin in people's park

Scribblings from my sketchbook..

I Slipped through the letter box,
I stepped through the looking-glass,
I fell down the rabbit hole.

Lets walk to were the sidewalk ends and life begins...

The road to nowhere leads to me......

I fell down the rabbit hole,
Down a dark tunnel of iron and glass.
I landed on a bed of tarmac and trash.
My nose was filled with the smell of smoke, filth and piss.
My mind was filled with fear, and confusion,
My ears were ringing with the sounds of voices and traffic,
And all my eye's could see horror and despair.
So lonely...

To be thrown out of your natural environment, like Alice falling into wonderland.

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