Friday, October 22, 2010


Just some photos of surreal paintings that I found interesting. Also some notes from the book 'Surrealism' Edited by Mar Ann Cous

'Surrealist game of 'one in the other' (lin dans l'autre) In which something leads to something else that the rational mind might not have thought of, the dreamer might not have dreamed of.

'Our willing openess to the unexpected, holding our materials and ourselves in so far as possible in our surrealist state of readiness.'

- Awake and dreaing, experienced no longer as oppositions but as complementary and coexisting states.(surrationalisme)

'As the surrealists often asserted, the only bounds to our world are these which are self-imposed by the limitations of our own imagination and its verbal and visual expressions.'

'Surrealism aimed above all to preserve a sense of the extrodinary, the unexplained, and the inexplicable.'

'To shake off the fetters of the rational in the thinking individual permitting the imagination to take its free course. To find what lay beneath the veneer of an over sophisticated society.'

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